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Facts of Interest

Year Town Incorporated:
Form of Government: Board of Selectmen
Geographic Location; NW Tip of Region
Geographic Area; 60.1 mi²
Current Population: Est. 3,977 (2000 Census)
Median Household Income: $69,152
Nearest city with pop. 50,000+: Danbury, CT (22.2 miles , pop. 74,848).
State Lands: Federal Lands: Recreation:
Salisbury | Mt. Riga Legend


SALISBURY, Connecticut

The Legend of Mt. Riga | Like so many other things in the wild, mountainous area around Salisbury, in the northwestern-most corner of Connecticut, the origin of the name of Mt. Riga has remained a mystery -- and inspired a legend. Some authorities claim that the 2000-foot elevation north of Salisbury village, once the location of America's most important iron furnace, was named by Swiss or Russian immigrants who arrived in the years before the American Revolution to work as charcoal burners and forge hands in the Holley and Coffin works at Forge Pond, near the summit of Mt. Riga.

Here they labored beside native Yankees to turn the local brown hematite ore from the pits of Ore Hill or Lime Rock into iron of great tensile strength, suitable for implements of farm and home and, later, cannon and musket barrels to help free those farms and homes from British rule. It was the Swiss workers, some say, who first dubbed their mountain workplace "Rhigi"; while others, just as certain, maintain that the Russians, perhaps remembering the port city on the Baltic Sea from which they had departed their homeland, were responsible for giving Mt. Riga its name. Still others are satisfied to let the naming remain an enigma, in keeping with the area's reputation for nourishing the unexplainable.



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Located two hours north of New York City and one hour west of Hartford, CT and southeast of Albany, NY, the Town of Salisbury is nestled in the northwest corner of Connecticut. Salisbury and its villages of Lakeville, Taconic, Lime Rock and Amsville are convenient to the Appalachian Trail, mountains for hiking and skiing, lakes for fishing and canoeing, and numerous art and music venues.
Visitors are welcome to stay at a choice of attractive inns & BB's, attend one of many beautiful churches, wander down the streets to visit shops, galleries, eateries and take advantage of swimming at the Town Beach or boat on Lake Wononscopomuc or Twin Lakes. One may also indulge in a vast history, including that of the 1800's iron ore industry, by enjoying several historic sites. From vintage car races to ski jumping competitions, the area offers array of activities for all seasons. For those interested in a longer visit the town offers an outstanding public school system as well as several renowned private schools.


Salisbury Town Hall

Assessor's Office
Health Officer
First Selectman
Tax Collector
Town Clerk
Land Use

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