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THE PINNACLE| New Preston, Connecticut
The summit of this mountain is crowned with granite, treeless and shrubless and covered with glacial scratchings. The rock has been vandalized for endless years with carvings of names, initials, and so forth. There are also four biblical names carved in Hebrew: Adam, Issac, Moses, and Abram. In 1789, Dr. Ezra Stiles, president of Yale College, was the first to make an official record of these carvings with drawings of each name. His report is still on file in the Beinecke Library at Yale. Stiles believed that the source of these carvings had been a group of Jewish miners, circa 1780, prospecting for minerals or potential mines in the Cornwall, Kent, and New Milford area. And the inscriptions were said to have been a memorial to their companions who had died in the course of the expedition. Read below to find out the truth.



THE MYSTERY OF THE STONE CARVINGS | The Pinnacle is east of Lake Waramaug. Basically, there is a triangle of huge boulders pointing to true north, a semi-circle of stones and Hebrew inscriptions. I think the triangle is a triangulation point for early mappers, probably from Yale (it points to Mohawk Mountain, the next point to triangulate from). The semi-circle, with fire scars from the indians, is a place for a warning fire, like that placed on Mohawk Mountain when the Mohawks were raiding. The view southeast, south and southwest is amazing.

The inscriptions, all in Hebrew, have always been assumed to be from some miners that walked up to the top of the hill for lunch (there is a quartz mine you pass on the trail up).



Part of the triangle of stones
Yet another part of the triangle

Archaeologists have explored this site on the Pinnacle for over two hundred years and written it up in books and articles. Well, the world is full of surprises. The explanation for the Hebrew carvings was recently found at the Gunn Historical Museum, Washington, Connecticut. It was tucked away in an early ledger for the general store in New Preston. No date was given, but judging from the early rag-paper on which it was written and also from the facts presented, it dates from the late 1700s to early 1800s. It was written by John Buckingham of Marble Dale. He spoke specifically of "the characters engraved on the Pinnacle rock that have been the subject of much wonder. Many learned men have examined them, but they remain a mystery . . .The truth has been given me by a grandson of the individual who engraved them . . .Ebenezer Beeman, an eccentric who made pretensions to great learning and had in his possession a Hebrew and Greek dictionary, went to the top of the rock in 1774, taking with him some books and tools. He attempted to engrave the names of Issac, Moses, Adam, and Abraham. The last name was unfinished on account of a heavy thunder shower . . . This, I am told, may be relied on as a true account of those Mysterious Characters."