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Roxbury Station Listing

Roxbury Station, Roxbury

Commerical zoning and high property values are endangering a group of historic buildings on the scenic Shepaug River in the rural Town of Roxbury. As the only commerically-zoned area in the community, the complex, known as Roxbury Station, has attracted the interest of developers who want to tear down the buildings. However, re-use of the structures could result in an appealing retail complex that would fit into the picturesque surroundings along Route 67, a state-designated Scenic Road. The property is adjacent to a preserve containing the impressive stone remains of a nineteenth-century blast furnace.

Roxbury Station was a stop on the Shepaug Railroad, which was completed in 1872. Today the depot appears to be in good condition and retains quite a bit of authenticity. It has lost its platform, but original six-over-six windows remain, as well as loading doors and passenger doors. It has vertical-board siding. One end of the building was used for freight and the other end for passenger service.

Behind the depot, built into a rise in the land, stands a large, nineteenth-century warehouse. The building has two main floors and an attic. The parcel also includes a large, long lumber shed and a barn. The Shepaug River borders the property and flows over a low dam, creating a scenic waterfall.


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