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Facts of Interest

Year Town Incorporated: 1739
Form of Government: Board of Selectmen
Geographic Location; NW Tip of Region
Geographic Area;
Current Population: Est. (2000 Census)
Median Household Income: $
Nearest city with pop. 50,000+:

State Lands:

Federal Lands:


Goshen History


GOSHEN, Connecticut

The township of Goshen was sold at New Haven, in December, 1737, and its settlement commenced in one or two years afterwards. The first inhabitants were principally from New Haven, Wallingford, and Farmington. It is stated that the houses of Gideon Thompson and John Beach, who were among the first settlers, were palisadoed in, for a defense against the Indians. Mr. Beach's house was situated on East street, about 2-1/2 miles from the present South Congregational church; the house of Mr. Thompson, stood on West street, near a mile to the southwest. Goshen was incorporated as a town in 1749. It is bounded N. by Norfolk, E. by Torrington and Winchester, W. by Cornwall, and S. by Litchfield; it is 9 miles in length and 4-1/2 in breadth. The central part is 6 miles from Litchfield, 32 west from Hartford and 42 from New Haven. It is the most elevated township in the state, but not generally mountainous; the surface being undulating, affording an interesting diversity of hills and vales. The soil is a gravelly loam, deep, strong and fertile, admirably adapted for grazing. This is one of the best towns for the dairy business in the state. Large quantities of cheese are annually made, the fame of which is widely and justly celebrated, and the inhabitants are generally in prosperous circumstances. In neatness, in and about their dwellings, and in the appearance of general comfort and prosperity, they are not exceeded, if equalled, by any town in the state.









Goshen Town Hall
Office hours vary by department

Assessor's Office
Health Officer
First Selectman
Tax Collector
Town Clerk
Land Use

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Nodine's Smokehouse

Just a light touch of smoking with hickory and hardwoods to enhance the fragrance and flavor of Nodine's bacon, ham, beef, fish, poultry and sausages. Visit our gourmet and deli counter. Open Mon.-Sat. 9-5, Sun. 10-4. North St., Rte. 63, Goshen, CT 06756. Phone: (860) 491-4009.



Action Wildlife Foundation, Inc.

Located on 116 acres and set within the Northwest Hills of Litchfield County. Glorious fields of green and a 6,600-ft. stonewall surrounds Action Wildlife Foundation. Guests tour the facility by foot, or can book a hayride tour to view over 32 species of exotic animals from around the world. Stop at the petting zoo, museum and gift shop. Drive or walk around our NEW safari section. Call to book an educational tour. Open Apr.-Nov. 337 Torrington Rd., Rte. 4, Goshen, CT 06756. Phone: (860) 482-4465.

Goshen Historical Society
The Academy Building (1824) exhibits emphasize the history of Goshen and showcase collections of former citizens. Open by appt. Free
21 Old Middle St., Rte. 63, Goshen, CT 06756. (860) 491-9610 or 491-3129.