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Q | What's the truth about Foreclosures?
A | Read what's on our Foreclosure page...you'd be surprised!

Q | What happens if I can't get a mortgage? Do I lose my entire Deposit?
A | Depends. In the Contract or Offer to Purchase did you have a Mortgage Contingency? When you need to borrow money from a lender to purchase a house, it would be very wise to put in a Mortgage Contengency i.e."Subject to Buyers securing a first mortgage in the amount of ______for a term of 30 years, at the prevailing rate. Buyers agree to make application for mortgage within ___ days from the date of acceptance of this offer. In the event Buyers are unable to secure the aforesaid mortgage within 30-45 days from the date of acceptance of this offer, then all funds shall be refunded to the Buyers, and this agreement shall thenceforth be null and void."

Q | I run an Animal Rescue Shelter and want to purchase more property in Litchfield County. Is there a quick way to determine what the Zoning regulations are in any given town?
A | Many towns post zoning regulations on their website. I find however, that town Zoning Departments are actually quite helpful and less complicated than scrolling online through pages of regulations.














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