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Facts of Interest

Year Town Incorporated: 1739
Form of Government: Board of Selectmen
Geographic Location; NW Tip of Region
Geographic Area; 23.3 mi²
Current Population: Est. 1,288 (2000 Census)
Median Household Income: $80,420
Nearest city with pop. 50,000+: Danbury, CT (22 mi. pop.74,848).

State Lands: Housatonic State Forest
Federal Lands:
Waveny Park, Mead Park Pond, Mill Pond, Spencer's Run, Mead Memorial Park, Bristow Bird Sanctuary, Appalachian Trail


Caanan History


CAANAN, Connecticut

Canaan is located on the east bank of the Housatonic River in the Northwestern corner of the state. Named for the biblical town of Canaan, it was auctioned off at New London in 1738. Canaan is comprised of mountains to the east and south, with a plain along the Housatonic River, from which valleys reach back into the hills. Much of the Housatonic State Forest is located in Canaan.

Until the Revolutionary War, Canaan had been primarily committed to agriculture, raising sheep,farming and iron mining. After the war the major industry was shoemakeing. The current principle interests lay in the production of hydroelectric power, limestone mining and some manufacturing.

The advent of the railroad to Canaan in 1868 brought many of NYC's wealthy residents to the quiet, peaceful area. They built magnificent summer homes and eventually many of these summer visitors settled year round.










Canaan Town Hall
Office hours vary by department


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Collins Diner 860.824.7040

Great Wall Kitchen 860.824.7399

Kati O'Cassey's Bistro 860.824.4848

Roma Pizzaria 860.824.8125



Lime Rock Park Raceway 860.435.5000

Snack Shack & Mini Golf 860.824.7566

Canaan Colonial Theatre 860.824.4488


Canaan Mobil 860.824.0616

North Canaan X-tra Mart 860.824.1152